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Build confidence is your go to place to reshape your life from insecurity into a life full of confidence and security.

For dads, moms and children!

The stories we share, advices we give and the courses we provide are a source of inspiration for those who want to fight insecurity for once and for all.  


Insecurity has deep roots and is like a sniper waiting for the kill. Learn clever tricks to fight insecurity. 


Children don’t know what insecurity is. Yet insecurity affects sports, school, play, boyfriends and more.


In pedagogical training little attention is paid to insecurity. Our program helps.

Insecurity is
- the root cause of everything-

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I can’t lose weight, eat healthy or know how to do this or that. Did you know that insecurity is the reason behind this.



I’m hurt, I attract bad persons, it was her fault and so on. Did you know that insecurity is the reason behind this.


I’m not smart enough, my family was not rich, I don’t have time and so on. Did you know that insecurity is the reason behind this.

The 5 Transformations
help fight insecurity and result in 10x improved life

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All the tools we offer result in a 10x improved life 

Our (free) Academy

- your-

(free) Academy

Insights to help you fight insecurity.

E-learning Academy

In our shop many tools that will result in a 10x improved life

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No child admits to being insecure. You as a parent know that your child achieves much more when she is not insecure.


Our books are centered around the 5 Transformations and help adults and kids get the life they want (deserve). This is a game changer in your life.

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Our special approach, aimed at fighting insecurity and 10x improved life, forms the basis of everything our coaches do.


Our brochures & presentations of our workshops, elementary school program, coaching sessions and much more.

Okay. I understand the impact of insecurity on my life.
Tell me: What to do next?

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The 5 Transformations (TFM)
is what you need to fight insecurity and get 10x improved life

We help you out!

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