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Does your child prefer to play FIFA on the game computer than to kick a real ball? We have collected some tips for you to make your child enthusiastic about sports.

Children spend more and more time on their game console or smartphone. There is nothing wrong with that in an increasingly digitizing world. Yet it is extremely important that FIFA does not become a substitute for their daily movement. According to the Health Council, children between the ages of 4 and 18 should exercise moderately intensively for about 60 minutes every day. How do you do that? Among other things, by setting a good example yourself, because parents have a lot of influence on their children’s choice of sports. Children often choose a sport that their parents practice themselves. So take your children for a bike ride or a run at a young age to enthuse them.

No pressure
If your children are not immediately enthusiastic about your favorite sport, then there is no problem. Perhaps your son or daughter just doesn’t know yet which sport suits them best. It is important that you do not put pressure on them to like or choose something. When children get the feeling that their sport is a ‘must’, they will not enjoy it and that will not benefit anyone. Not even the sports club. Fun should always come first for children when they choose a new sport.

Take a trial lesson
Are you still looking for a suitable sport? A fun way to quickly determine what appeals to your child is to look for sports videos on YouTube together. Ask your son or daughter which sports appeal to him or her and make some suggestions yourself. In this way you come together to a shortlist, after which you can look for associations in the area. In some municipalities, days are even organized in which different sports associations show what makes their sport so much fun. A fun and accessible way to get acquainted with new sports and associations.

If handball comes out as one of the sports, there is always a club nearby. Many handball clubs offer parents and children the opportunity to attend a trial lesson or demonstration. If your child is still a bit unsure, they can of course always watch from the sidelines first. In practice, they often cannot wait until they can take matters into their own hands. During a training, young handball players are trained on their condition and technique and they often play a short match for fun and to put the learned techniques into practice.

By following a trial lesson, children become acquainted with the sport in an accessible way and they soon find out whether handball is really something for them. There is a lot of running, jumping and throwing, which makes the sport extremely dynamic. As a parent you have another advantage: because handball is practiced in a sports hall, you are not dependent on the weather. The storm umbrella can be stored at the entrance.

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