Public symposium on the benefits of uncertainty

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Archaeologists, (neuro)psychologists, documentary makers, cognitive roboticists and brain researchers will speak. For example, Professor of Archeology Miguel Versluys uses the Roman Empire to illustrate how exchange with other cultures is a precondition for a healthy society. Neuropsychologist Mariska Kret searches for the evolutionary roots of discrimination and exclusion by looking at how humans interact with strangers and comparing this to how chimpanzees and bonobou2019s do this. The makers of the documentary u2018The Island of all Togetheru2019 also speak, in which refugees and tourists on Lesvos talk to each other. The film shows what happens when we mu00e9t talk to each other instead of about each other.

Brain formation
Later in the day, brain researchers will take a closer look at the functioning and development of the brain. What does stress and uncertainty do to brain development? And why do you need to keep stimulating your brain when you retire? Elzinga will talk about her research on adults who have received a critical, unsupportive upbringing. u2018We now know that both receiving and lacking support in childhood has an effect on how the brain forms. Prolonged negative experiences in childhood can cause lasting changes in the brain. Recent research indicates that stressful experiences in childhood can even drive gene functioning, for example by influencing genes of the stress system.u2019

Forgive cards quickly
At LIBC, that this celebrates its tenth anniversary, psychologists, medical researchers, natural scientists, pedagogues and linguists, among others, conduct research into the brain and cognition. Since 2009, the institute has organized the public symposium every year. The municipality of Leiden supports the symposium financially. u2018The reactions of the visitors are enthusiasticu2019, says Elzinga. u2018The symposium offers scientists the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with a wide audience. Visitors, always many of them from Leiden, are given the opportunity to refresh themselves throughout the day with the latest scientific insights on socially relevant topics and to discuss this with each other. The cards are quickly forgiven every year.u2019

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