Resilience training for insecure children

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Many children have problems with self-confidence in everyday life and are insecure. Insecure children are often too dependent, depressed, have tantrums, fear of failure and often have trouble with many daily things at school.

For these kinds of problems, the child can benefit from mental resilience training. The resilience training aims to strengthen the positive qualities of the child, which increases self-confidence. The children can regain balance (feeling-mind). By focusing on change from within, a process is initiated that makes the child more social-emotionally resilient and puts them in a stronger position, which ensures that they are better able to deal with bullying, for example, or by self-confidence that they are less likely to be victims themselves. .

A resilience training has been developed especially for insecure children that improves self-esteem and self-image. The child also learns to deal with the group situations that the environment and school can cause in all circumstances in the resilience training. Both for children at the primary school and children at the secondary school there is a resilience training available.

Through physical and mental exercises, the children are trained to deal more resiliently with unpleasant everyday situations, to make choices and to deal confidently with the problems that come their way.

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